Book review

Step By Step, by Simon Reeve

I love the subtitle of this book!! So many people would talk about their life in journeys, but I just love the idea of exploring the life in your journeys. That is usually what I remember from my travels, that day we got ridiculously lost and ended up in some random place, or the time we almost got stuck in a National Park in remote Namibia because of the bad roads, or the people I meet along the way. Those things make much more lasting memories than the famous landmarks and must-see attractions. Read More »

Sheer Abandon, by Penny Vincenzi

Three young women meet at the airport, at the start of a backpacking trip around the world. They become fast friends, agree to spend various parts of their travels together and to meet up at the end of the year to share stories, memories and photos. A year later, a baby is abandoned at Heathrow airport. The women, Jocasta, Clio and Martha, have returned from their travels and embarked on impressive careers, but they never did meet up and have not seen each other since. But why? And who abandoned a baby at the airport!? Read More »

Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda, by Rosamond Halsey Carr

In 1949, Rosamond journeyed with her new husband from her relatively normal life in New York City to the remote and wild Belgian Congo (today’s Democratic Republic of Congo). On arrival, everything was new and difficult and exciting, but her dream of wedded bliss in an area of natural splendour never really materialised. When the marriage fell apart, Rosamond bravely decided to stay in Africa, a place which had now captured her heart and became the manager of a flower plantation in neighbouring Rwanda. Read More »

The Russian Concubine, by Kate Furnivall

Set in China in 1928, this book tells the story of Lydia, the young daughter of an exiled Russian aristocrat who fled the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Due to the circumstances of their departure, Lydia and her mother have very little to live on and survive by various unfortunate means. During one of her forays into the old Chinese part of town, Lydia encounters Chang An Lo, a young communist, who saves her life and, in so doing, binds them together in a future which will take many surprising twists and turns. Read More »