Travel to … British Columbia, Canada

As I am about to embark on an exciting new adventure, it is time for some more bookish wanderings. Later this month, my partner and I are heading to British Columbia, more specifically to the Silver Star Mountain Resort, to start new jobs and a new chapter for us. I have been dreaming of going to Canada for years, so I am really excited. But I know very little about the part of the world which I will soon call home.

So I have been scouring Tripfiction and many other corners of the internet for bookish inspiration. I haven’t found anything specifically located in the area of our ski resort, so I had to widen my search to British Columbia in general and the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

My reading list for this destination so far is:

The Flicker Tree: Okanagan Poems, by Nancy Holmes

Romancing The Rockies: Mountaineers, Missionaries, Marilyn & More, by Brian Brennan

I have already downloaded these on my Kindle and I am eager to dive in. I will also still be looking for a couple more books to round out my list. Ideally, I would like to include some fiction to get a slightly different perspective as well.

Once I have read the books, and maybe once I have arrived in Canada and am able to compare my reading impressions with real life, I will post an update on my bookish wanderings. Watch this space!

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