The Switch, by Beth O’Leary

The Switch, by Beth O’Leary
Published by Quercus, 16th April 2020
Genres: Romance, chick-lit, contemporary fiction
Format: Kindle eBook
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Eileen is sick of being 79.
Leena is tired of life in her twenties.
Maybe it’s time they swapped places…

After a very difficult year, Leena is struggling to keep her life together and is ordered to take a two-month sabbatical from work. This seems like the end of the world to her. Focusing on work was the only way she thought she was coping. Her grandmother Eileen was recently left by her husband, who ran away with their dance instructor. She is looking for a new lease of life and maybe even romance. However, her tiny Yorkshire village does not have many viable options.

The two women decide to swap lives for the two months of Leena’s sabbatical, to give both of them a change of scenery and the chance to rediscover themselves.

My thoughts         

This was my second book by Beth O’Leary, having read The Flatshare earlier this year, and I loved this one too! The story is very light-hearted, but I found myself getting very invested in the characters’ lives and rooting for certain outcomes.

There are some elements of real-life and sadness which help to keep the story grounded. It felt more real than some contemporary romance/family novels out there.

I really enjoyed the switching between Leena and Eileen’s lives, Eileen’s forays into online dating and Leena’s battles with the gossipy Yorkshire locals. It was a perfect light and happy read to brighten up a gloomy autumn day.

My rating: 4/5

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