And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie

First, there were ten. An odd assortment of characters, all invited as guests to a small private island off the coast of Devon. Their mysterious host is nowhere to be found and everything seems a little strange. All that the guests have in common is a wicked past they are unwilling to reveal. By the morning of the second day on the island, two of the party are dead. Signs point to foul play, but with the island cut off from the mainland by a storm, the murderer must be one of them. Only the dead are above suspicion. And when the guests realize that the murders are happening in sequence, following a famous nursery rhyme which is hung in every bedroom, tensions run high. By the end of the weekend, there will be none. Read More »

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The Dying Game, by Asa Avdic

The year is 2037 and the world is very different from today. There has been a second Cold War and Europe is divided into Protectorates, presumably controlled by the USSR. In the Protectorate of Sweden, seven people have been selected as applicants for a top-secret intelligence position. They are gathered on the remote island of Isola for a 48-hour test as the first step in the recruitment process. Among them is Anna Francis, deeply troubled by her experiences in the warzone at the border of Turkmenistan. Her role in the test is simple: she is to play dead. The plan is to stage her own murder and then retreat to a secret underground room and observe the other participants as they deal with this crisis. But something is not quite right on the island and, as a storm blows in, cutting off the electricity and contact with the mainland, things start to get out of hand. Read More »

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The Guest List, by Lucy Foley

A remote island. An invitation to die for…
Guests are gathering on a small island off the Irish coast to celebrate the wedding of the year. As a storm sweeps in, bringing rough waves and strong winds, the highly-organised wedding planner is hard pushed to keep everything running smoothly. As the skies darken, the drinks are flowing freely, emotions are running high and secrets are coming out. By the end of the night, one of the guests will be found dead. But who? And who amongst them is the killer? Read More »

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The Light of the Fireflies, by Paul Pen

The boy lives in a basement with his family: father, mother, grandmother, brother and sister. They live in the basement because they cannot go outside. Apart from the boy, the whole family was horribly scarred during a fire. The sister was so disfigured that she has to wear a mask all the time. The boy is perfectly content with his life, as he has never known anything else. But after his sister has a baby, things begin to change. Everyone is acting oddly and the boy begins to wonder about the outside world. Read More »

The Light of the Fireflies, by Paul Pen Read More »

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