2021 European Reading Challenge

I have decided to participate in a second reading challenge this year! The European Reading Challenge is hosted by the lovely Gilion from Rose City Reader, who I have been following on Instagram for quite some time.

The idea of the challenge is to read books by authors from European countries, or books which are set in different European countries. (Applicable countries are from the list of 50 sovereign states which are, at least partly, geographically in Europe and/or are members of international European organisations).

I think this challenge will tie in nicely with my Reading Women Challenge this year, as the goal of that challenge is to read more books in translation and overall to broaden your literary horizons.

There are different levels to this challenge, depending on how many books you think you will get through this year. I have decided to participate at the Five Star level, which means I need to read at least five books by different European authors or based in different European countries.

I am excited to get reading and start my reading tour of Europe! Especially as I am not able to travel in real life, yet!

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